Everything is possible with cardboard...

Author's scenery and interior items of any complexity made of cardboard.
About us
We create decorations from cardboard to order of any complexity. Ready to embody any of your ideas in life. All of our products are author's work. We are a friendly team of young professionals and strive to implement projects that are interesting not only from the technical, but especially from the creative side. By investing our soul and many years of experience with cardboard in each product, we are striving to find a formula for creating ideal products. Each of our work is unique and represents an embodiment of elegance and beauty. Using modern software and advanced innovations in the field of technology, we create products that meet the most demanding requirements for quality and design.
Our team
Dmitry Eremeev
Commercial Director
+7 916-846-26-83
Pavel Petrenko
Technical Director
+7 905-501-13-03
Cardboard is the material that we are in love with. Its potential is so huge that every day we find new ways of its application. Many years of experience tells us that everything in this world can be made of cardboard!
Design studio . Moscow